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ShrubFrog QI: Multi-site collaborative quality improvement

ShrubFrog QI is a proven open-source, hosted quality improvement tool used by dozens of organizations to improve the quality of their operations, care, and process.

While the ShrubFrog QI name is new, its technology is proven — it has been helping organizations collaborate around multi-site QI with tools for content, forms, and reporting for over seven years.

Plone, Python, Zope. Application Development and Consulting

Specializing in CMS, workflow, publishing, data collection, visualization, quality improvement.

Sean Upton, Mostscript's Principal, Consultant, and Developer has spent over 18 years working on collaborative content management, workflow solutions in Publishing, Media, Healthcare, and other domains leveraging the open-source Plone content management system, and Python-based technology. Find out what Mostscript can do to help your organization solve complex publishing, extranet/collaboraiton, or other workflow solutions using this robust set of techologies — contact/email.

News and notes

Welcome QI TeamSpace Users

Mostscript is now the sole commercial provider for ShrubFrog QI, based on the technology stack formerly marketed under the name QI TeamSpace.

I would like to welcome the half-dozen organizations actively using QI TeamSpace for multi-site QI collaboration to ShrubFrog QI. Despite a change of product name, dedication to providing quality web-hosted tools and support continues to be my priority in caring for your organization's needs. It has been my distinct pleasure to work with your organizations over the past seven years, and my honor to continue collaborating with you in tools for continuous quality improvement — now, and into the years ahead.

Your partner in improvement,
— Sean